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The Web Deacon Adds Affiliate Designer Program
Qualified designers may now join with The Web Deacon™ to provide sites to churches and other religious groups in their communities.

Designers will create the sites for the local organization, including development of the imagery, colors and layouts, and train the group's editor in content maintenance. The group will then have the option of retaining the designer as site manager or taking it over using The Web Deacon's user-friendly editing tools. The designer will retain most or all of the fees that may apply for implementation and maintenance of sites.

Designers can select and modify existing layouts and themes, and they can design and contribute new layouts to the system. Those designs in turn will become the basis for further amplification of the system. This means that the look and feel of sites from The Web Deacon will become ever closer to the concepts imagined by each community.

This new capability will benefit all concerned. Designers will have a stable platform with numerous features that they can deliver quickly and confidently. The Web Deacon will expand its service offerings and its geographical base. User communities will have a local contact to help with unanticipated requests or requirements.

If you are a qualified designer, you can find information about becoming an affiliate by following the link below this article.

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