The Web Deacon
WWW sites for religious communities
The Web Deacon℠ is pleased to offer your community a complete, low-cost, website and content management solution, including these standard features
and these options:
Personal Blogs; Guest Registry; Video; Podcasting; Sponsor Directory, Forums, and more.

All with flexible design!
Build to fulfill your needs, not our vanity.
All with no technical skills required!
Create and edit your own content or let us help you with our Quick Start Package and/or professional site administration. Training is included.
Not just "hosting"
The Web Deacon™ is not a "hosting" provider. We enable you to build a comprehensive site with all the tools you need to communicate with your members. And it is robust; you could say it's built upon a rock. And we've been doing it since 1994.
Not just cookie cutter sites
You're not limited to a small number of templates and canned features. Working with a certified designer, you will use our built in features to get started quickly and then modify the site to match your own established style and message.
All at very low cost!
Consultation, planning, setup and first year on line $999 flat, including domain registration if required. Basic technical support thereafter starting at less than $1 per day.

Preview and Demonstration

Request a demonstration to open the blog, forums, member management and other tools. See how easily you could maintain your own site. We will schedule a demo with a trained consultant. A comprehensive demonstration takes about 30 minutes.

Don't compare the megabytes,
compare the messaging!