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Memphis TN
Pentecostal Holiness church founded by Elder Charles Harrison Mason in the late 1890's. Comprehensive official site, including directory of congregations.
503-282-8759 • 732 NE Jessup Portland OR 97211
Reverend Levert Franklin
503-287-7649 •  Portland OR 97212
Reverend Royal Harrison
503-288-1542 • 5503 NE Prescott St. Portland OR 97218
Reverend Robert Andrews
503-284-0710 • 2700 NE Sumner St. Portland OR 97211
Reverend Leanell Adams
503-287-7457 • 103 NE Morris St. Portland OR 97212
Reverend Robert Kelley Jr.
503-289-0147 • 8101 N Fiske Ave. Portland OR 97203
Dr. Reverend James C.E. Faulkner
503-335-3085 • 4735 N Commercial Portland OR 97217
Reverend Raymond Edwards
503-282-8522 • 3138 N Vancouver Ave. Portland OR 97217
Reverend J.W. Matt Hennessee
503-282-8522 • 241 NE Hancock Portland OR 97212
Bishop A.R. Hopkins
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