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Database Error

Note: Select: person list

File: /var/www/sitemaker/tools/roster/display/

Line: 214

Function: get_list_people_data

DB Error: Table 'sitemaker.tool_roster_phone' doesn't exist

Query: SELECT p.tool_roster_person_id as person_id, unix_timestamp(p.date_created) as date_created_t, p.name_first,p.name_last, p.name_maiden, p.name_middle, p.mug_shot_graphic_id , p.name_preferred_display, ph.*, em.*, im.*, u.*, b.*, so.option_label as secondary_cetegory_label, a.address_1, a.address_2,, a.state, a.postal,, a.preferred, a.address_type_id, pt.item_label as ph_type_label, emt.item_label as email_type_label, imt.item_label as im_type_label FROM tool_roster_person p LEFT JOIN tool_roster_phone ph ON ph.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id AND ph.preferred = 'y' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_optional_field_data sc ON sc.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id AND sc.tool_roster_optional_field_id ='' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_category_option so ON sc.tool_roster_category_option_id = so.tool_roster_category_option_id LEFT JOIN app_value_list_item pt ON pt.item_code = ph.phone_type_id AND pt.value_list_id = '2206' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_email em ON em.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id AND em.preferred = 'y' LEFT JOIN app_value_list_item emt ON emt.item_code = em.email_address_type_id AND emt.value_list_id = '2211' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_im_address im ON im.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id AND im.preferred = 'y' LEFT JOIN app_value_list_item imt ON imt.item_code = im.im_address_type_id AND imt.value_list_id = '2204' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_address a ON a.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id AND a.preferred = 'y' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_url u ON u.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id AND u.preferred = 'y' LEFT JOIN tool_roster_badge_person_xref bx ON bx.tool_roster_person_id = p.tool_roster_person_id LEFT JOIN tool_roster_badge b ON b.tool_roster_badge_id = bx.tool_roster_badge_id WHERE p.tool_roster_id = '9' AND p.tool_roster_person_id in (2801,2802) GROUP BY p.tool_roster_person_id ORDER BY p.name_last, p.name_first ASC

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People 1 - 2 / 2